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What can the Solaris 8 Systems Administator certification do?

I just achieved the Solaris Certified Systems Administrator certification with Solaris 8. However, I don't see many jobs asking for that certification. Does this certification carry any weight?
That certification carries no weight at all, except in Sun shops. Alas, Sun's shrinking fortunes and market share also translates into a devaluation of its certification credentials, particularly for system and network administrators. But as you climb the Sun certification ladder (to Network administrator, and perhaps also to Security Administrator) you'll find that the value remains tangible and that those do occasionally show up in job postings. If the idea of "in for a penny, in for a pound" appeals to you, perhaps this is your signal to increase your certification investment and involvement, and to seek more senior credentials that may actually make a difference to your job prospects and career advancement opportunities.


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