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What certs are in the most demand in India and Asia?

I'm from Hyderabad, India. I'm a technical graduate in mechanical engineering and have 8+ years experience in project management in machine building, right from concept development till after sales service. I shifted into the IT field a couple of years back and completed my MCSE in Win NT, MCSE in Win 2000, CCNA and CLS (Certified Lotus Specialist). I've got a couple of years experience in managing Win NT servers and Lotus Notes mail servers.

Presently I'm working as a freelance networking consultant and corporate trainer in Lotus Notes. My current position is not as good as the opportunities in the fields, and I am now becoming more and more bored day by day. I heard Lotus Notes is doing well in Singapore and thinking to move out there. Meanwhile, I heard that Exchange Server 2000 is picking up the pace in the race against Lotus Domino.

I was hoping you could offer me some feedback to help guide me to the right certification, as well as training. Also, someone told me that CCNP, CCDP and CCIE are also having good demand. I'm confused a bit! As I'm already 34 and need to settle down in a job as soon as possible, I am looking for advice to guide me toward certs that are seeing the most demand. Thanks and regards.

You certainly have a good background, and a lot of potential choices for future work. Lotus Notes and Exchange are good fields for technical specialists all over the world and could provide you with lots of steady work at good pay. If you've got the stamina to pursue and obtain the CCIE, however, it's still regarded as a nonpareil of IT certifications. I say: let your technical interests and job opportunities guide your certification future. It sounds to me like additional certifications may not be as important as finding the right opportunity given what you've already accomplished. My advice: find a good recruitment firm and talk to them about your career strategy. This is particularly true if you're planning on relocating to Singapore.

Good luck!

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