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What certs best suit a master's in IT and a post-grad in business admin?

I have completed my post-graduate diploma in business administration, which includes database administration, like Oracle concepts. I am also pursuing at the present time my master's in information technology. What certification best suits my education and a career?
Given your obvious interest in database technology and your exposure to Oracle, their certification program may make sense for your needs. Despite the company's recent difficulties -- which I attribute more to the general world economy than to the company itself -- Oracle remains the biggest of the database vendors and its certifications still have value in the marketplace. You can find more information on the Oracle certs -- out of which collection you would seem to be best suited for the database administrator or DBA credential.

Since you really asked me no specific questions about certification, I'm hard-pressed to provide more than this vague general advice. If you'd care to follow up with something more definite, I'll be happy to respond to further inquiries.


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