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What components do we need to make our VB program generate our Oracle reports in Excel?

We have a corporate solution that launches in Unix (Oracle database). Our reports were designed the traditional and hard way. They are sent directly to the printer and the users are unable to manipulate or convert them to graphics. We are now planning to generate them in Excel. Users will continue to request the report by Unix through a VB GUI but the final presentation will be in Excel. A Visual Basic program collects the contents of the report. What are the main components that we will need to do this? Will we need some new Excel application, like Excel Report Builder? What sub-routines will we need to introduce in our current VB program?
There's not enough information in your question for me to answer the question completely. However, to get started, I'd strongly suggest you look at Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), which is part of Microsoft Excel. You can access all the data components you need through Oracle's OLEDB drivers so you can do all the data manipulations you could ever want.

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