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What could be causing my Win2k Pro machines to lose connection when they are in a remote location?

I have a Win2k network with two Win2k Pro machines in Seattle and one Win2k Server in Portland. I cannot access the Win2k Server machine from Seattle. All of the gateway and IP info is correct, and when I change the Win2k machines to Win98 machines they connect just fine. When I move the Win2k machines to Portland they connect OK. What could be causing the Win2k Pro machines to not connect when they are in a remote location?
Since the systems connect when booted to Windows 98, we know it's not a connectivity or hardware problem. Therefore, it must be a configuration problem. If they're able to connect while plugged into the Portland network, perhaps you need to change their IP address and default gateway configuration when plugged into the Seattle network. I wrote a book a few years back, NT Nework Plumbing, which has good information about troubleshooting network problems. The whole book provides important background information, but the most relevant chapter can be found online here: http://www.windowsitlibrary.com/Content/386/08/toc.html.

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