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What does ID Event 7200 error message mean?

I recently received this error message: "Error ID Event 7200 Source: MSExchangeIS Public Background threat FDoMaintenance halted due to error code 0xfffffc15."

I went to TechNet and it said to reinstall Service Pack 4 for Exchange. I reinstalled the service pack but the error still appears. I am not sure what the error exactly means. I know it has to do with the public folder somehow, but I can't get a straight answer.
That error resolves to "JET_errInvalidParameter" aka "Invalid API parameter." I would check to make sure you have the right version of EDB.DLL on that system. If you do not have the one from Service Pack 4, then you might try extracting EDB.DLL from the SP4 CD and putting it into play. If that does not work for you, I recommend contacting Microsoft PSS to resolve this problem.

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