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What is the best DNS name for our Win2k SBS?

I am setting up a Windows 2000 Small Business Server and I am unsure of what to use as the DNS name. We have dial-up Internet access through a router on the network and are never likely to host our own site. We are also going to be using Exchange for e-mail collecting from our ISP's POP3 mailbox. Would the best solution be CompanyName.local or CompanyName.com? Thanks.
Without an Internet presence, CompanyName.local makes more sense. If you ever do establish an Internet presence you wouldn't want the Internet and local to match anyway. So, as long as the Exchange server you put in place is initiating the connections you shouldn't have to do anything special. If you want the Exchange server to be reachable via outside systems (once again, you would have an Internet presence at this point) you could use a firewall to alias the connection.

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