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What is the best way to migrate Exchange 2000 mailboxes to Exchange 2003?

Expert Laura E. Hunter a reader through the easiest way to migrate objects (and add Exchange 2003) to a new Windows 2003 forest.

I am part of a truly global forest (2000) and now the time has come to be pruned from that forest. I would like to create a new 2003 forest and migrate the user objects, plus everything else that is necessary, over to the new domain. I would also like to add Exchange 2003 into this domain. My main question is, what would be the best/easiest way to migrate the Exchange 2000 mailboxes to Exchange 2003?
The nice folks at MSExchange.org have put together a pretty detailed tutorial on how to migrate from Exchange 2000 to Exchange 2003 on new hardware. You can find more information here. The MSExchange site also hosts online forums that are frequented by Exchange MVPs who can help you with any specific errors that you run into along the way.

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