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What is the cause of this Active Directory error message?

I am receiving the following message on the Event Viewer. I can't find the servers referred to in Active Directory Sites and Services:
The Directory Service consistency checker has determined that either (a) there is not enough physical connectivity published via the Active Directory Sites and Services Manager to create a spanning tree connecting all the sites containing the Partition DC=CPMCP,DC=CPO,DC=com, or (b) replication cannot be performed with one or more critical servers in order for changes to propagate across all sites (most often due to the servers being unreachable).

For (a), please use the Active Directory Sites and Services Manager to do one of the following: 1. Publish sufficient site connectivity information such that the system can infer a route by which this Partition can reach this site. This option is preferred. 2. Add an ntdsConnection object to a Domain Controller that contains the Partition DC=CPMCP,DC=CPO,DC=com in this site from a Domain Controller that contains the same Partition in another site.

For (b), please see previous events logged by the NTDS KCC source that identifies the servers that could not be contacted.
Do you have any idea what I can do?

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