What is the difference between a priv1.edb and a pub1.edb file?

Find out how to discern between priv1.edb and pub1.edb files on Exchange Server and the type of backup solution you should be using.

What is the difference between a priv1.edb file and a pub1.edb file in terms of Exchange Server architecture? If I wanted to back up a storage group, how would I identify which transaction logs are related to which databases?
All database files that start with priv and end with .edb and .stm contain mailboxes on your Exchange server. Anything that begins with pub is a public folder store.

You should be using an Exchange-aware backup solution to back up your Exchange server, so you should not have to go in at this level (or the transaction log file level) to do file-level backup of your Exchange Server. This is risky and not recommended.

An Exchange-aware backup will allow you to select the appropriate databases and mailboxes) that you want backed up on any given server. They will then back them up.

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