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What is the minimum passing score for the 70-216?

Any idea what the minimum passing score is for MCSE Track Exam 70-216? I've been studying like crazy because somebody told me that the minimum had been raised to 850/1000. I've been getting really frustrated with my studying, because I seem to be hitting about 800 on the practice exams no matter how hard I try. Has the minimum score really been raised to 850? And, if not, what is it currently?
I find varying information about that exam. Some sources (CertGuide, for example) say the passing score is 620 (and that's what it was when I took it myself early last year). Other sources give the number of questions as either 50 or 55. Numerous other sources do not disclose passing score information. My favorite source, CramSession.com, still lists the class as 2/5 on the easy to hard scale (to me, this indicates a lower cut score rather than a higher one is its basis for evaluation, too).

My gut feel is that 850 is a very high passing score for any MS exam and that it's unlikely that it would be that high if in fact it's been raised at all. I will keep digging and get more information to you if I can find it. Please e-mail me so I can follow up after talking to some industry friends and colleagues.


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