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What is the solution for a faulty RAID controller and hard drive?

Learn best practices for fixing a faulty hard drive or RAID controller.

My customer has IBM x225 server & RAID controller card and three HDD (SCSI hot swap) installed. My question is what happens if the hard drive is faulty? Also, if the RAID controller goes faulty what should I do? Should I replace the card? Or do I have to do a configuration of HDD/os-Win2k server?
If your hard drives are configured in a RAID-5 array, they will survive the loss of a single hard drive -- you can replace the faulty drive and the data on it will be rebuilt using parity information stored on the other two disks. The disk controller itself remains a single point of failure in this configuration; losing the RAID controller will cause you to lose the disk configuration stored on it. Most hardware manufacturers will allow you to back up the configuration onto a floppy disk or some other media so that you can restore the hard disk RAID configuration in the event that you need to replace the RAID controller itself.

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