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What is the time limit to complete the MCSE 2000 course?

I have completed my three year diploma in computer engineering and I've been in the IT field as a hardware engineer for last 3yrs. I was planning to take the MCSE 2000 -- what is the time limit I'll get to complete the course? I'd appreciate any career advice you can offer.
Microsoft hasn't announced any discontinuance dates for Windows 2000 exams just yet. Recent intelligence about the next Windows desktop and server OSes indicates that a new desktop (code name: Blackcomb) is unlikely to appear before 2006, making it unlikely that a new server will appear before 2006 or 2007. That means that Windows 2000 exams should remain current and valid until then, so you've got plenty of time to complete your MCSE on Windows 2000. That said, it would probably be a good idea to shoot for completion no later than the end of 2004 to get the most use out of your hard-earned certification.

As for career advice, I'd urge you to develop as much interest and passion for the platform and its many components, tools, consoles, and so forth as you can. Getting certified is one thing, but developing a real interest and knowledge in the tools and technologies is entirely another. While the former may let you expand your resume, the latter will help energize your career and open many more doors to potential work than a bit of "alphabet soup" as certifications are sometimes called.

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