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What kinds of jobs can I get with just an A+ certificate?

I'm looking into getting my A+ certificate, but I don't know what kind of jobs I can get with just an A+ certificate. Do you know what kinds of jobs are out there, and if possible, what the starting salary may be? I live in Michigan, if that?s any help.
In Michigan, you can take advantage of the Michigan virtual university system (www.mivu.org) for training, career advice, and job listing services. Normally, if all you've got is an A+, that sort of limits you to entry-level PC or bench technician or technical support positions, but there are usually at least some such jobs available year around. In Michigan starting pay for such jobs is usually in the $10/hr range, or about $21,000 a year in round numbers, not including benefits, retirement, and other perks as may be available.

HTH and good luck with your certification and job search!

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