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What level of test environment do I need? Do I need server class machines or will a couple of deskto

I am involved in an NT 4.0 to Win2k Active Directory migration project, and I am trying to get a feel for the level of test environment necessary for a low risk, prompt delivery. We have several multi-master domains across Europe and currently no test environment for our live infrastructure. Should we replicate our live environment on server class machines, or should we just setup a couple of desktops to prove our AD design?
Will several multiple master domains across Europe, it sounds like you have a sufficiently complex network/domain infrastructure that you may want to have a couple of server class machines for testing some migration operations with actual user data. This can be time consuming on a workstation. For some basic AD design testing you should be able to get away with desktops mimicking servers. Like I said though, if you have several hundred (or with multiple-master domains) perhaps thousands of users that you need to migrate, you may need a server class machine so that you aren't spending evenings and weekends running your test cases.

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