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What locations for MCDBA certification are in my area?

What locations in Austin, Texas, can you recommend for obtaining a MCDBA certification?
Given that so much training is available online, you don't have to restrict yourself to the local area. That said, Productivity Point and New Horizons both offer at least partial support for the MCDBA exams locally, and other companies occasionally bring traveling classes to town (or to nearby cities, like Houston and Dallas). I suggest you look for MCDBA holders at Dell, and ask them if they can recommend any purveyors. I also urge you to consider a "boot camp" as an alternative, if Dell will send you to one (a quick Google search on "MCDBA boot camp" indicates that all the major players offer same, as well as some outfits I've never heard of, either).

Good luck with your upcoming cert!

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