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What other system files need regular backup besides user files?

I am a newbie learning about backup solutions. Suppose I have a file server, Windows 2000 Advanced Server with two disks and mirroring done. What are the system files I should back up other than the user files?
Any comprehensive Windows 2000 backup should include the following:

  • user files,
  • any application configuration information or customizations that would not be recreated by simply reinstalling the app,
  • IIS metabase information, CGI scripts and ISAPI .dll's,
  • %systemroot%*.* and
  • System State/Registry/Active Directory metabase, depending on the server configuration.

    When in doubt, ask yourself the following: "If I lost this tomorrow, would I be able to recreate it without a viable backup?" And even if you could, ask yourself how much of a problem it would be, and how well your office would be able to function until you were able to do so.

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