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What problems should a person new to Win2k RAID be aware of?

I am about to have my first experience installing a two-drive RAID array under Win2k Pro SP2. I have set up RAID once before under a recent version of Linux. I need to increase drive R/W performance so I will be using RAID-0 stripping. I will multiply partition the drives and I want only a couple partitions on each drive to be in the RAID array not the whole drive. What problems should a person new to Win2k RAID be aware of? I won't use PROMISE motherboard chips (drivers too buggy and slow), but I would like to try motherboards with the Highpoint 372(?) controller. A SCSI controller might be an option, but I would like to consider the pros/cons of IDE first.
There is little difference these days between SCSI and IDE since both can offer high throughput and large drive size. The only real limitation is the number of drives per bus. SCSI can host up to 21 now while IDE is limited to two. If you want to really increase your performance, go with a hardware based RAID solution. Avoid software based RAID (which is what you get when you configure and use it via the Drive Manager under Windows 2000) since it is slower and consumes CPU cycles to manage the RAID processing.

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