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What programming languages should I learn for the SQL DBA?

I am MCSE on NT 4.0 and working in the networking field for three years. I am an expert in most Windows OS including IIS and Exchange Server. I want to make career as Exchange or Web administrator. I am also looking for career as SQL DBA, but I am not very well aware of programming languages. Which programming languages should I learn for above mentioned positions?
If you're going to work in the MS world and want to do admin, DBA work, or write code, your choices are actually pretty straightforward. You'll want to learn Visual Basic or Visual C# (C-sharp), most likely in the context of Microsoft's Visual Studio development environment. You don't mention a database platform in your inquiry, but if it's MS SQL Server, this advice stays the same. If, however, you're thinking something like MySQL or Oracle (two of the most popular non-MS choices) then perhaps you might want to think about learning Java instead.

Whatever you decide, let your interests lead you to the right programming language.

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