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What rights does an XP user need to access NT4 network resources or printers?

I am adding Windows XP workstations to a Windows NT4 domain. When a user logs onto the workstation, they can't access network resources or add direct (LPT1) printers to the workstation. What rights does the domain user need in order to be able to perform these tasks and how do I assign these rights? I have tried making them power users, but that does not seem to work. As far as the network resources are concerned, they are defined in a hosts file on the local workstation. I'm not sure whether the workstation can't read the hosts file or if the network permissions are not granted. I have tried to physically access the hosts file on the disk and have successfully logged in as the user who can't access network resources.
To rule out the host file as a point of failure, see if you can ping the servers you're trying to access, both by IP address and by host name. Try using a WINS server or an LMHOSTS file if name resolution is a problem. Also, make sure that the machines that are hosting the resources in question have assigned the "Access this Computer from the Network" right to the appropriate group(s) and that the Network special group has not been removed or denied permission to the resources that they are attempting to access.

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