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What scores do I need to pass my Active Directory design exams?

What scores do I need to pass Designing Active Directory, Designing Security, and Designing Network Infrastructure? Also, how much are the three Microsoft Official Curriculum (MOC) guides I would need to study for these exams?
Here are the stats for the exams you mentioned (all this information is readily available at www.cramsession.com).

70-219 Designing Active Directory
passing score: 619
study guide: cramsession.brainbuzz.com

70-220 Designing Security
passing score: 675
study guide: cramsession.brainbuzz.com

70-221 Designing Network Infrastructure
passing score: 556
study guide: cramsession.brainbuzz.com

According to my visit to the Microsoft Press Web site, they do not yet have the repackaged MOC (Microsoft Official Curriculum) books available just yet for any of these topics. They do have "Readiness Reviews" for these titles however. I'd suggest you check out the reading lists at cramsession.com for these topics, to get recommendations for the best books.

Good luck on your exams.

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