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What steps are involved in a fresh BDC install?

I'm working on an NT 4.0 upgrade to a Win2k domain. I have a small network with three locations. The PDC resides at our main location, and then there are two BDCs at the remote locations. I'd like to do a fresh install for another BDC in our main location, promote it to PDC and then do the upgrade on that computer. What is the next step? DCPROMO on the new Win2k server and then upgrade the remote location BDCs? Or upgrade the remote BDCs first? Or do I have it all wrong?
You MUST upgrade the PDC first. Once this is done, the domain and directory are already created. There is no need to run DCPROMO on any machine. DCPROMO is used to convert a Windows 2000/2003 server to a domain controller -- it has nothing directly to do with Windows NT 4.0 upgrades. Once the PDC is a Windows 2000/2003 server, upgrade the BDCs to Windows 2000. They will appear in the AD as additional domain controllers by default.

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