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What third-party tools can I use for Office 365 monitoring?

Our business is migrating from an on-premises server to Office 365. What third-party monitoring tools can we use to make sure it is running at optimal performance?

When a business moves its mission-critical email application to Office 365, there is a leap of faith that Microsoft's...

servers and the Internet connection will remain available and perform properly.

But when email problems occur in Office 365, it may be difficult -- even impossible -- for IT administrators to determine the exact cause of the issue.

Third-party tools for Office 365 monitoring and management can help IT staff recognize email problems, narrow the cause, and ensure adherence to service-level agreements (SLAs).

ENow Mailscape 365 is a platform for Office 365 monitoring, reporting on the availability and performance of the messaging system. Monitoring watches over network connectivity, authentication and directory synchronization, configuration, Office 365 services, and ensures that Office 365 is accessible from various locations -- remote probes

Mailscape 365 also gathers long-term data and presents detailed reports for Exchange Online with statics like mailbox usage, mailbox size, quotas, permissions, spam and malware, mail flow and dozens of other details. The tool also provides detailed statistics for SharePoint Online such as tenant storage, daily active users, team site details and so on. Reporting is also available for Skype and the overall Office 365 service.

Third-party tools for Office 365 monitoring and management provide unique features, functionality and convenience that translate into tangible benefits for IT professionals and users.

Exoprise CloudReady for Office 365 is a cloud-based monitoring service for Office 365. It relies on agents to monitor and report on Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, Skype for Business, the Office 365 administration portal, Active Directory Federation Services and other network and cloud services involved in the Office 365 deployment. The service measures Office 365 performance from different user locations and compares user experience across different geographic areas. It also alerts administrators to outages, problems and performance issues -- helping administrators narrow the problem cause, document SLA performance, and make the best use of Microsoft support.

Kaseya 365 Command is a cloud-based service intended to simplify, centralize and secure the management of Microsoft online services.

A common interface supports Office 365, Exchange Online, OneDrive, SharePoint Online, Lync Online and Azure Active Directory management. Administrators can inspect all user settings, manage user file permissions, identify unusual or suspicious user behaviors, and apply consistent administrative procedures using the service -- all of which bolster an organization's compliance audit and reporting posture.

ManageEngine ADManager Plus assists administrators in creating Office 365 user accounts. When creating a user account in conventional Active Directory, the tool can also create an Office 365 account and manage licenses for the user, along with accounts for Google Apps, Exchange Server and Lync. Administrators can manage accounts on premises and in the cloud at the same time using the same tool.

Parallel provisioning helps to ensure that users receive the proper privileges and access faster with fewer administrative errors. Reporting can generate lists of user accounts, identify licensed users, associate users with services and find unlicensed users. Additional reporting covers security, password, logon, group, policy and other areas of interest for comprehensive Office 365 monitoring.

The right Office set up and tools

Any move from on-premises to cloud services -- such as Office 365 -- should begin with comprehensive evaluation and proof-of-principle testing to ensure the move is right for the enterprise. Then administrators can focus attention on the best tools and services to facilitate that transition.

Third-party tools for Office 365 monitoring and management provide unique features, functionality and convenience that translate into tangible benefits for IT professionals and users. The third-party monitoring tools here are certainly not the only products or services available, but they illustrate a cross-section of the available offerings.

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