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What will be the hottest certs for 2006?

Expert Ed Tittel explains to a reader what he thinks will be the most important certifications for the next year and beyond.

What do you think the hottest certifications will be for 2006 and beyond?

This is the kind of question which many publications and some authors (including yours truly) devote considerable time and effort investigating and reporting on. Rather than answer your question directly, I'd urge you to consult Top 10 lists at CertCities.com, annual cert surveys at CertMag.com, and an article on top-earning certifications I've written recently for SearchWinIT.com, "What are you worth? IT Salary Surveys Shed Some light". These will not only help you answer that question for yourself, but will include pointers to other resources you can consult for even more information on this always-interesting topic!

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