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What will happen to my ISA settings when I demote my AD domain?

I plan to demote one of our Windows 2000 Active Directory domains in order to promote (DCPROMO) it later, after we have installed another new Win2k AD domain above it. My question is: What happens to the ISA Server settings in the current and only AD domain, specifically the rules, and the users and groups specified in those rules? Once I promote my servers to DCs (domain controllers) again, will the users specified in ISA settings still point to the new correct user groups, knowing that I have recreated all the groups again with the same name and placed them in the AD domain structure? Or even worse, will all my ISA settings disappear because some or all of it was saved within the AD structure?
You can expect the ISA settings to disappear -- perhaps not completely, but enough to make you redo the work.

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