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What would be a good starting point to start a Web hosting biz?

What would be a good starting point to start a Web hosting biz? Are there any books as to how to set one up? Any help would be great. I'm also an MCSE in training.
First, move someplace sunny. That way, you won't be cold when you're sleeping in the streets. Okay, maybe I'm a bit bitter -- I worked in the Web hosting division of Genuity from 1996 until after the company went bankrupt earlier this year.

Seriously, though, if you love pain, do a search for "Web hosting reseller." You'll turn up lots of places that will get you started in the business with minimal investment (less investment means you'll lose less). You'll be more of an agent than an infrastructure provider, which I assume is what you're interested in. If you want to be an infrastructure provider, you'll need more to invest. You'll need to:

- figure out what your market is (cheap hosting, high-end hosting, custom hosting)
- get some data center space
- get connectivity
- establish a network operations center
- hire support staff
- build a sales channel.

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