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What would be the impact of excluding a Global Catalog from a Win2000 network?

What are the impacts of excluding a Global Catalog from a Win2000 network?
If there is no Global Catalog on a Win2000 network, a user will not be able to log on. If the user name is cached on the local system, they will be given access to the local system, but will not have access to network resources and should expect slow performance. The Administrator account will still be able to log on and have some network access.

Now, if you are trying to determine whether a GC should be place in a particular geographical region of an office...

building of your enterprise, you will need to consider how many domains you have, (this affects the size of the GC's database as well as the number of requests that will target the GC) and the bandwidth between the office WITH a GC and the one without. When any user logs on for the first time, Win2000 attempts to contact a GC. If this remote office has a lot of users, you may want to make sure a GC is there. If they don't have too many, or won't be accessing resources from multiple domains, it is not as critical.

This was last published in April 2002

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