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What's better: Computer engineering degree or MBA in CIS?

Which is worth more -- a computer engineering degree from a top 100 private engineering school or an MBA in CIS from a somewhat reputed business school? I am a senior at Polytechnic University in New York in compE. We have an astonishing rate of failure in math courses, and I still have about eight credits to go in two semesters. Because of poor grades in math, I have around a 2.6 GPA. I was thinking of changing schools and getting a design-your-own degree in IT from City University of NY (I had a 3.5 GPA there before I transferred to Poly), and then work on an MBA in CIS at Baruch College, which is a very well-reputed business school in the city. Baruch also costs one-fifth the price I am paying right now. Please advise! I am really worried about my future given the current job market.
I'm not sure I have enough information available to me to answer your question. If I were in your shoes, I would look carefully at job postings and classified ads and try to talk to a technical recruiter and get an answer to your question targeted at your chosen work locale (which sounds like the NYC metro area, by default). Generally, though, a master's is worth more than a bachelor's, as long as there's work in a field strongly related to the degree. Do some localized analysis, and look at job opportunities for MBAs versus those for computer engineering. Then you can make your decision. Good luck!

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