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What's causing random restarts?

This started yesterday. I can leave the system on with nothing running and it restarts - or I'll be on the Internet or in anything and it just stops and reboots itself.

It started while I was at work. I ran AVG virus scan and it found nothing. I have logged in as administrator and scanned my disks and found nothing. If I stop at the OS selection screen or the DOS prompt, the machine stays on and does not restart. My system is a dual boot with Win98 and W2K. It does it with either OS - just restarts. I have a PC power and cooling 350ATX turbo-cool power supply Abit BE6-II, PIII 800, 768mb pc133, Maxtor 60gig, WD 18gig, SB live5.1, ATI Radon All in Wonder, TDK velocd, Creative 52x and 2 case fans.

I have tried another power supply. I removed and reseated all cards, CPU, and memory - I tried each memory stick one at a time. I replaced the PIII800 with my old PIII500. It still restarts randomly. Could it be the motherboard?

Please...any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

You've done all the right things in the right order, especially the memory because random restarts are a classic symptom of bad memory. It looks as if you'll need a new Mobo. Let me know if that solves the problem.

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