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What's happening to my Z: drive?

I have a logical Z: drive that is mirrored on two physical drives for user data on a Windows 2000 Server. Everything was working fine for several weeks; then all of a sudden the logical drives would no longer appear in either My Computer or Windows Explorer. However, when I go into Disk Management, Win2K does see the z: drive. Also, when I try to access the directories by going to start>run and entering servernameuserdatauserid, it would give me an error saying "This file does not have a program associated with it for performing this action. Create an association for it in the Folder Options control panel." However, when I do a drive mapping via right clicking on My Computer and entering the same path, it works. What's going on here?
My first line of attack would be to update your anti-virus definitions and run a full virus scan hither and yon all over your Win2K Server. Despite how we all may feel at times, things don't just "start happening all of a sudden" without another factor having come into play. This sounds like very unusual behaviour indeed, so you should start with an A/V scan and a full round of disk diagnostics. If there are other administrators in your office, ensure that no one else has made any changes, especially to Group Policies, security templates, and the like.

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