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What's the best MCSE certification route to learn programming?

I started studying towards my MSCE with Smart Certify home study. I am currently working on Exams 70-210 and 70-215 (W2k Pro & Server). I am looking to get some good experience in programming as I have recently joined an IT solutions company that uses multiple platforms for our specialist in-house software. The majority of our clients are using Linux and I need to learn programming to do my job properly.

Could you please advise me as to the best route -- through an MSCE -- that will teach me programming?
If you want to go after MCSE with a programming slant, you'll find your options are pretty much non-existent. The crossover for Windows 2003 or 2000 MCSE is zero, meaning no programming exams count toward those credentials. This means you may want to consider dual tracking with MCSA/E on the administrative side, and MCAD/MCSD or perhaps MCDBA on the programming/development side. Unfortunately, the MS credentials are no longer set up to permit individuals to pursue multiple specialties yet be able to count exams toward them (but there is some overlap between MCDBA and MCAD/MCSD which is why I mention them together).

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