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What's the best anti-spam product on the market?

We are currently running TrendMicro's antivirus and content filtering software. The anti-spam filtering is only catching about 70% of the spam. In your opinion, what anti-spam product is best? We have five Exchange 5.5 servers running in offices around the country.
Anti-spam products tend to vary enormously because they all use different approaches -- some use weighted Bayesian algorithms, which are becoming recognized as the best way to fight this sort of thing, but they require training. One of the best programs I've dealt with is actually an end-user program called MailWasher. MailWasher can work with a centralized list of recognized spammers, which could be set up on a network/shared drive and administered centrally. For anti-spam solutions in a domain, MailCleaner is another solution and doesn't require any installation on the end user's computer.

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