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What's the best test-taking order for getting an MCSA and then an MCSE?

I remember reading something here about the best test-taking order for getting an MCSA then an MCSE. But now I...

can't find the link. Would you know where that page is or what order of tests is best? To a certain extent, numerical order (except for designing core exams 70-219, 70-220, 70-221, 70-226, 70-297 and 70-298) seems to work pretty well until you get to the electives. There are those -- including myself -- who believe that MS structured the Win2000 and W2k3S cert programs that way deliberately. If so, we should thank them for making things easier. I hope you don't mind me sharing a simple rule with you instead of a Web page. I think it's easier, and hope you agree. Thanks for writing.


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