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What's the best way to migrate to Win2k if I can't migrate my servers at the same time?

I have an ERP system running on NT 4: one server act as a development server (also as a PDC), and the 2nd server as a production server (also as BDC). How do you suggest a Win2000 migration strategy to this configuration, since I can not do the migration at the same time?
I would consider getting a third machine. Build it as a BDC and then promote it to the PDC. Then upgrade this new machine. Then upgrade the NT 4.0 BDCs/ERPs one at a time. You may wish to also consider removing the burden of being domain controllers from these machines at a later date. Not only is resource contention a potential problem between the DC functions and the ERP application - but there are security concerns running applications on DCs. Typically applications needs elevated access and some of the development staff will need administrative level permissions to maintain and troubleshoot the application.

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