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What's the best way to save large files (about 5 gigs worth) on my hard drive?

I wish to save certain large files (about 5 gigs worth) on my hard drive, and format the rest. I tried creating a partition, but I have to have the "basic disk configuration" and I do not have a disk to restore those. I also looked into creating a dynamic volume, but the info on such is extremely vague in my opinion and I do not wish to do anything that can sabotage these files. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.
Rather than mess around with partitions, which is thorny and not always satisfactory, there are other ways to accomplish this. The files could be split across several disks or DVDs with an archiving utility, such as GSplit ( http://www.gdgsoft.com/gsplit/index.aspx), or copied across a network to another computer with spare space.

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