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What's the best way to upgrade an NT4 server to Win2k while keeping Exchange 5.5?

I am currently running Exchange 5.5 SP4 on an NT 4.0 server in a heterogeneous environment (NetWare 5.1 SP3). I don't have client services for NetWare installed, so everything has to be administered at its own server (User Manager and NWAdmin). I want to upgrade my Exchange 5.5/NT 4.0 server to Windows 2000 and keep it on Exchange 5.5 for now. I don't have spare boxes to do a clean install and then move mailboxes. What is the best, easiest and most efficient way to get this done with no down time, assuming that I do it correctly? I really want to be off NT 4.0. Please help me if you can.
Generally speaking, this is a relatively simple and easy procedure. For a condensed version of what you need to consider and do, see Installing Exchange Server 5.5 on Windows 2000 server. For detailed information, have a look at Upgrading Microsoft Exchange Server 5.5 to the Windows 2000 platform.

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