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What's the best web site to prepare for the MCP exam?

I would like to know which web site is the best one to help me prepare for the MCP exam. MCP exams cover an awful...

lot of ground. Are you sure you're not willing to narrow your scope to MCSA/MCSE, MCDBA, MCAD/MCSD, and/or MCDST? If you could do that I could provide more focused pointers that concentrate in one or more of these areas. Given your current query, I can only say, try good general Microsoft-oriented prep sites like: www.examcram2.com www.cramsession.com www.mcpmag.com

Also try Microsoft's own Learning center pages, all available through www.microsoft.com/mcp/.

By finding one or more good books that aim at the exam--like a full-length, in-depth Study Guide and a shorter, more exam-focused Exam Cram 2, plus practice tests, lab manuals, and other information to help you get ready, you should be able to learn what you need to know to get past these exams. Millions of others have already done it, so you should be able to do it, too.

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