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What's the most efficient way to migrate our five NT4 DCs and Exchange 5.5 server to AD?

This company I am working with has decided to make a migration to Windows 2000 Active Directory. They have decided to roll out all new Windows XP workstations. They have five existing domain controllers in NT4 and an Exchange 5.5 Server with a backup. With this in place, what would you suggest as the most expedient way to upgrade them to AD? We have acquired a new machine for the PDC and a new machine for the Exchange 2000 Server, and plan to rename the current domain name as well. I have a plan, but I just want to see if maybe you would do something different than I currently have designed.
If I have extra machines and the time line to do it, I would build a pristine Windows 2000 Active Directory and then migrate the resources (using ADMT [Active Directory Migration Tool] or something similar) and then migrate the Exchange users. Comparing this to simply performing and in-place upgrade of the current systems you will see that:
  1. The migration to a pristine environment will take longer.
  2. The migration to the pristine environment will have less impact on the users.
  3. Fail-back if necessary will be readily available to you.
  4. The result will be better architected.

So, what do you have as a plan? ;-)

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