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What's the recommended certification if I only have an NT MCP?

I only have an NT MCP, but I work hands-on with 2000 and AD. What would be a recommended certification at this time, as the 2003 material is new? I am not concerned with expenses, but with study materials available and usability of the certification.
If history is any guide, Windows Server 2003 (Win2k3) sales won't surpass those for Windows 2000 until some time in 2005. That means that unless your current or a prospective employer is dead set on moving to Win2k3 earlier, Win2k is the right platform to certify on anyway, because it's what the vast majority is using. You are also correct to observe that an older program like Win2k benefits from a broader and better analyzed set of training and prep materials, than a newer, less well understood program like Win2k3.

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