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When I change the CD of the drive I get the content of the CD I had inside before

I have a problem with my DVD and also my CDRW drive(s). When I change the CD of the drive I get the content of the CD I had inside before. Sometimes when I eject the CD I get a message that there is no CD in drive. I just can click the folder but there is nothing inside. After a reboot the problem is gone -- but this is a pain when you are planning to search your tool x on 10 CDs. I think this is some kind of cache or something like that...Do you have any idea?
I have encountered this problem before myself, and it's usually been due to a couple of things. On my DVD drive, I had Nero's InCD packet-writing program (which allows the user to treat DVD+RWs as if they were removable drives). I downloaded an upgrade to the program from Nero's site and the problem went away.

If you have software that does this sort of thing yourself, be sure you have the most recent version. If you don't have any such programs present, the firmware in your drive may need an upgrade. Check the website for the manufacturer of the drive for a firmware update (which is usually in the form of an program you run).

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