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When are MCSE 2000 exams expiring?

When are MCSE 2000 exams expiring? I've heard that the MCSE 2000 exams will no longer be valid by September 30, 2004. Please let me know the correct date.

Microsoft has not yet indicated when the MCSE 2000 exams will expire, but past history says that it will probably occur about a year after the upcoming Longhorn release of Windows is completed. Since the desktop OS is due out in 2006 and the server OS in 2007 for Longhorn, that would indicate that 70-210 will expire in 2007 and the 70-2xx exams on Windows 2000 in 2008. That said, Microsoft maintains a Web page that covers discontinued exams that they update in June of each year (see http://www.microsoft.com/learning/mcpexams/status/retired.asp for an explanation of their policy and a pointer to their table of discontinued exams and those scheduled for later).

Microsoft also promises to provide at least 12 months notice before they discontinue any exam, so we'll all have at least a year's notice before that happens. Thus, the earliest these exams could be discontinued under present policies is June of 2006, because they didn't announce them this June and the first possible announcement would therefore be June, 2005 (with discontinuance to follow 12 months later).

Of course, the only potential fly in this ointment is a possible change in policy, but under current policies I've shared my best guesses as to the earliest and most probable dates those exams will expire. I can't do better than that, because I'm not a Microsoft spokesperson and MS has not made any other official pronouncements on this subject other than what I've shared with you.

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