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When do I need to set up SMS secondary site servers?

I have 20 remote branch locations connected back to the operations center by T1 lines. Each location has 5-7 workstations. I was planning on using each site's existing file server as a distribution point to save on bandwidth during software distribution. At what number of workstations per remote site should I consider setting up SMS secondary site servers?
Even though you may have Distribution Points sitting at the remote locations, you still need to modify some settings on the clients to force them to use their local DP as the default. Brian Rogers, Microsoft MVP, wrote a great explanation on how to do this:

If your links are good (which it sounds like they are), you should be fine with 5-7 workstations reporting across the link. I think 50-60 computers would be the limit where you might want to think about a Secondary Site server. But, there are other factors too, such as link saturation, etc.

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