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When do Win2k MCSA exams expire?

Can you please tell me when Win2k MCSA exams will expire? I heard that it will get expire at the end of December...


Wherever you head about Win2K exams expiring, your source was mistaken. Microsoft has indicated they won't retire those exams until one year after the next version of Windows -- code-named "Longhorn" (desktop for the Win2K Pro/XP Pro replacement; server for the Win2K/Windows 2003 Server replacement) ships. Most experts predict that the desktop won't ship until 2006, which means 70-210 wouldn't retire until 2007, and that the server won't ship until 2007, which means the 70-21x and other related exams wouldn't retire until 2008.

HTH, and don't worry about discontinuations for the time being. They're still a ways off...

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This was last published in January 2005

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