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When restoring applications, is there a way to copy users' profiles and network printer configuratio

Following up on your answer to restoring onto servers with differing hardware: If you have to restore applications and data only, is there a way to copy users profiles, network printer configurations etc.?

I experienced a virtually identical scenario on a Small Business Server 2000 box and had three painful days reconfiguring the system. I was lucky enough to have a sick original server to crib settings off.

Most information found in a user profile can be effectively re-created by restoring the %userprofile% directory, either ~documents and settings*.* or ~winntprofiles*.* - I recommend doing this AFTER you have re-installed apps and restored data, since there is an ~Application Data sub-folder in each user's profile that may not copy correctly otherwise.

Restoring Printer configurations is simple, but requires a bit of proactivity on your part - call it part of your disaster recovery/planning process. There is a utility in the Resource Kit called 'printmig.exe' that will allow you to migrate printer settings from one computer to another. Full instructions can be found in MS KB Article # Q315983.

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