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When will Entourage use MAPI?

I have Macintosh clients that use Entourage for e-mail and calendaring. Entourage does not currently support MAPI, so the calendaring part cannot be integrated with Exchange. Microsoft is developing a new version of Entourage that will use MAPI. Do you have any ideas of when this will be available? Do you have any other information about the new version of Entourage that might shed light on how these clients will interact with Exchange? Thanks.
Generally speaking, any information given to me by Microsoft regarding future or unreleased products is provided under a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). My NDAs (and I have several of them) prohibit me from sharing information that is not already in the public domain.

So this means I can't spill the beans about what is coming up with Entourage. One suggestion I do have for you is to check out Outlook 2001 for the Mac. Outlook 2001 for the Mac is for Mac OS 8.6 or later users who are using Exchange Server in their organization. This might turn out to be something useful to you, at least while you wait for the next version of Entourage.

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