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Whenever I boot Win2k, a garbage print job is activated that I can't get rid of.

I recently used Partition Magic to copy a Windows 2000 partition from one disk to a second disk (with more space). I then deleted the original partition. Ever since I moved the partition, I have had the following problem: Whenever Win2k is booted, a print job is activated just after startup. The name of the print job is "local downlevel document," a document that I couldn't find anywhere. It tries to print 50K of garbage. I temporarily printed to the file and at least one line is recognizable: "Unable to run this program in DOS mode." I have no idea what is repeatedly printing this job. I've also studied the Task Manager but couldn't find any tasks executing only during the print job. In my startup, there is a strange program (GUO.EXE) that I have tried to remove -- even its corresponding keys in the registry -- but that program comes back after booting. I don't know if that program is causing the printer problem, but it could be. Is there a solution for this problem? Is there a way to see which program is trying to print that job?
You have a virus of some kind or a Trojan Horse. I strongly recommend some kind of system-cleaning utility to remove the problem; this has been reported before and appears to be a virus' activity.

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