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Where can I find documentation about Win2k that will convince my bosses we should migrate?

I'm trying to write a proposal to migrate our desktops to Windows 2000, but can't find good information to include that will "wow" my management. By "good information" I mean stuff that adds up to a good sell for Windows 2000. Can you point me to any example proposals, sites with info/comparasins of WinNT and W2K, anything that might help? I've already looked for same from MS but couldn't find anything.

Add'l info: We currently use Windows NT on desktops, Win98 on laptops and WinNT servers. I'm hoping to go to Windows 2000 for the improved manageability, policy enforcement and improved reliability.

Can't find marketing material from Microsoft!?! Now that is a crisis. No worries - at the www.microsoft.com/Windows2000/deafault.asp you click on the Evaluation button on the left. This will lead you to sites that have information you are looking for. If it is still not enough - please post again or send email to paulhins@crsdinc.com and I will get you more. As my company is a solution provider, we are inundated with MS marketing material.

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