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Where can I find nomas.exe?

Where can I find nomas.exe? I am seeing the issues you discuss in your article about msExchMasterAccountSid errors. I have your document that discusses how to run it, but I cannot find the tool download.
You need to contact Microsoft PSS in order to obtain the NoMAS.exe tool. Contact information is here.


I called Microsoft PSS and they require an article number that references the nomas.exe utility. The problem is, when you search their Web site for nomas.exe you get zero hits. PSS searched for it as well and found nothing. Do you know of a Microsoft article that refers to this utility?
—Tim H.


Earlier today I confirmed with Microsoft PSS Enterprise Messaging Support that as of today (July 6, 2005) NoMAS continues to be approved by Microsoft PSS to send to customers. It is true that there is no Microsoft Knowledge Base Article or public download location. However, if a Microsoft Exchange customer is having msExchMasterAccountSid issues addressed by NoMAS, then PSS should be handing this out. There is no need for a Knowledge Base article referencing the utility for PSS to release NoMAS to the customer.

If, as a customer, you are getting resistance from the Microsoft PSS engineer concerning a valid need for this tool, then you should ask the PSS engineer to speak with their Tech Lead. If you continue to get resistance, then you should continue to escalate within Microsoft PSS until you get the tool.

I do not work for Microsoft, so I really can't represent Microsoft in all of this or speak specifically to the experience you have had. All I can do is continue to advise you of the process as I have always understood it and as I have confirmed with my contacts in Microsoft PSS today. I have also passed along your experiences to the powers that be within Microsoft with the hopes that future inquiries concerning NoMAS are more productive than what you have experienced. Once again, no guarantees, but I do hope this helps in getting the tool to the folks that need it. If you have further questions on this, please contact Microsoft PSS directly.
David Sengupta, Server administration expert


Microsoft Knowledge Base article 555410, "Event ID 9548 is logged for Disabled User Accounts which do not have a master account SID," references the NoMas utility.
—Angus B.

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