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Where can I find the Exchange Server Pubmerge utility?

SearchExchange.com expert David Sengupta explains where to find the utility Pubmerge and offers advice about using an easier alternative.

We have been looking for the Exchange Server utility called Pubmerge, but cannot find it. Any ideas?
I suspect you're trying to follow-up on our migration expert Peter terSteeg's post, "Migrating Exchange Server public folders." I also noticed that the file was removed from the MSExchange.org Web site since Peter's post.

I checked with a Microsoft Product Support Services (PSS) contact of mine on this for you and the response I received was: "You probably need to contact PSS to get Pubmerge."

Since there is still a 2 GB limit in the Pubmerge tool, you may be better off using a .PST file (created with Microsoft Outlook 2003 so that you get the Unicode .PST file with the larger 20 GB capacity), or simply dragging and dropping within Microsoft Outlook.

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