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Where can I get free training materials for MCSE certification?

Do you know of any resources on the Internet where I can get free training materials for MCSE certification?
Indeed, there are almost too many to mention, so let me point you at some excellent clearinghouses instead:

  1. www.cramsession.com has some of the best MCSE exam information around

  • www.certcities.com is almost as good as cramsession

  • Many practice test vendors -- such as transcender, measureup, beachfront quizzer (www.bfq.com), self-test software and so forth -- offer free practice exams as teasers on their Web sites

    You will find excellent links to other good, free MCSE resources at cramsession and certcities, so be sure to check their links pages as well as their content offerings.

    Good luck,

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